Our Optimist Consultancy Suite goes beyond merely offering a product or service. We are committed to nurturing lasting growth and success for your business, by developing long lasting brand partnerships. With our consultancy suites you work directly with our founders to customize strategy and creative development to optimize your brands resources and enhance your creative output for your brand and creative projects.

Work With US
Creative Direction

Guiding your brands  creative vision to align with strategic objectives and brand identity.

  • Concept Development
  • Brand Auditing & Strategy
  • Talent Hiring & Management
  • Naming & Concept Writing
  • Onsite Direction/Studio Production
  • Project Management
  • Creative Brief Writing
  • Quality Control
  • One-One-One Calls With Agency Owners

Design Direction

Design Direction

Steering the design process to elevate brand aesthetics and effectiveness while optimizing your in house teams and expanding your outsource networks.

  • Art Direction
  • Design Strategy
  • Talent & Creative Alignment
  • Quality Control
  • Talent Consulting & Hiring
  • Strategic Design Management
  • Creative Brief Writing
  • One-One-One Calls With Agency Owners

Executive Producing

Executive Production Suite

Designed for brands with strong teams seeking enhanced creative direction and concept alignment. The executive production suite offers exclusive access to our founders directly to help you customize your concept and production strategy to optimize you creative output.

  • High-level Roadmap Planning (Annually)
  • Project Brief Writing
  • Resource Allocation Planning
  • Concept Direction
  • Project Management
  • Vendor/Talent Communications
  • Post Production Oversight
  • Customized Creative Processes
  • Onsite Producing
  • One-One-One Calls With Agency Owners